Let’s dream together of the future Saint-Lambert

Sustainable development plan 2035

Steps in the Process

Comprehensive overview

This step’s main objective is to have a comprehensive overview of urban development in Saint-Lambert and to identify a series of challenges to tackle, with the collaboration of the City’s elected officers as well as the directors of the different City Services.


Preliminary vision, orientations and objectives

This step aims to develop a collective vision for sustainable land-use, as well as orientations and objectives to achieve this vision. Saint-Lambert citizens will be invited to participate through different means. Firstly, an online and field survey will invite citizens to describe their ideal Saint-Lambert in 2035. Their answers will allow us to constitute a starting point for the sustainable land-use vision.

Strategic partners, including several citizens, will then be invited to participate in workshops. They will be asked to comment the vision and to start identifying orientations and objectives to achieve it.

The citizen forum, as well as the online public consultation, will enable participants to validate and improve the work accomplished, and to strengthen the sustainable land-use vision for Saint-Lambert. The City’s elected officers and the directors of the different City Services will also be involved in the validation of the vision.


City of Saint-Lambert’s sustainable land-use vision

This last step aims to gather all the information from the last step and to develop a sustainable land-use vision for the City of Saint-Lambert. This vision will be unveiled to the public with an open house activity. Citizens will be invited to confirm the vision, the orientations and the objectives. Only after all these activities have taken place will the City’s elected officers adopt the sustainable land-use vision.


Please note that public reports will be produced for each activity and will be available on this site.