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Our Land

The City of Saint-Lambert enjoys a prime location just 10 minutes away from downtown Montreal by car and alongside the St. Lawrence River, with all the panoramic it offers. Saint-Lambert is also a green city, boasting nearly 16,000 trees and 30 parks that provide a forest cover of 32%. However, the emerald ash borer is threatening our urban forests, and requires planned and targeted replanting to offset the losses caused by this infestation.

Currently, 95% of Saint-Lambert is a built environment, leaving few pieces of land available for development or requalification. Land use is primarily residential, and the City has several areas of historic value, such as the Village core and the Riverside and Préville-en-bas sectors. The presence of parking lots and industrial sites along both Victoria Street and the railroad contribute to the phenomenon of  heat islands.

Saint-Lambert is serviced by two main roads (Route 112 and Highway 132), a commuter train and several bus lines. These are geared more to Montreal than to destinations in the Longueuil agglomeration. The existing bike paths are safe and clearly identified around the outskirts of Saint-Lambert, but are not developed within our city. Saint-Lambert does not yet have an active mobility plan.

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