Let’s dream together of the future Saint-Lambert

Sustainable development plan 2035

The City of Saint-Lambert will soon be revising its land-use master plan and by-laws to bring them into compliance with the Agglomération de Longueuil’s Land Use and Development Plan, which took effect in December 2016.

Saint-Lambert must also update its Sustainable Development Plan, which was adopted in 2012.

Before embarking on these tasks, the City would first like to define a local vision for sustainable land use that will serve as a guide when drafting all strategic documents concerning the planning, management and use of Saint-Lambert land.

To ensure that this sustainable land-use vision is grounded in local realities and reflects the aspirations of Saint-Lambert citizens, the City is launching the “Saint-Lambert 2035” initiative. This participatory process invites citizens, partners, employees and elected officers to look ahead and envisage what they would like their city to look like in the next 20 years..

Learn about the planned activities below, and participate in the process by sharing your ideas starting right now!